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Everyone has a favourite sound. Walking over freshly fallen snow, birdsong, leaves rustling in the wind, a thunderstorm in the distance... Naturally our preferences differ, but did you know that the sound of your home — and other spaces — has the power to directly affect your mood, often negatively?

Studies have proven that noisy settings annoy people (perhaps little surprise there), but this annoyance has even been linked to depression and anxiety.

Sometimes the building itself makes noise — think of creaky floorboards, rattling plumbing and extractor fans. But each building also has a sound signature — its acoustics — which shapes the way we hear and perceive the sounds within. Unfortunately, these often cause further annoyance because many buildings have poor acoustics, often as a result of strong sound reflections, which tend to muddle voices and music.

In these circumstances, placing soft furnishings such as rugs and upholstered furniture can help, but reflective surfaces such as framed artwork and glass tend to exacerbate the problem. Our S-A CALM product is different. Its artwork combines function: it contains a noise-absorption system, which reduces sound reflections, thereby improving the intelligibility of voices and music. We simply say: Ask more from you art.

Read more: How the sound of your home affects your mood, by BBC Future (31 July 2019).

(Image, incl cover image, courtesy: Burst, 2019)

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