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This is an extract (translated into English) from an original article published in Swiss lifestyle magazine, Bellevue NZZ™, written by Kim Dang. We thank the magazine and author for their kind words and thoughtful overview of our products.

The original article, written in German and published on 15 August 2021, is available from this link.




8 loudspeakers with an unusual design

Kim Dang | Design



Bulky speaker boxes are a thing of the past. Today speakers can look like [...] sculptures.

How times have changed: many years ago people gathered for some entertainment in front of a massive, brightly flashing Wurlitzer jukebox to play their favorite songs with a few coins. Later, you could afford your own stereo system, equipped with tower-like, bulky speaker boxes. In the meantime, however, WiFi and Bluetooth technologies enable almost unlimited possibilities in the design of loudspeakers.



 5. “S-A VOICE” by Sound Aesthetics


The "S-A VOICE" from Sound Aesthetics (Image: Their own)


The Dutch brand Sound-Aesthetics develops audio equipment for modern minimalists. Their S-A VOICE WiFi-speakers are discreet, flat panels with interchangeable grille surfaces. Artwork subjects range from abstract, geometric patterns and shapes, to roughly pixelated black and white views, for example of iconic buildings or landscapes.


[Image: Instagram]

The “4 x 4” quadruple version is their ultimate product. Not only is the design convincing: According to various reviews, the sound quality is also excellent. The devices are produced in Europe. Price: From 1,690 euro.


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