A few comments by Wallpaper* Magazine about our products: 'sleek speakers', 'striking design', intuitive features', 'forward-thinking innovation', 'design that... makes the world a better place.'

Audio products serving as functional artwork

From music-streaming to improving the acoustics of your home, Sound-Aesthetics’ audio products exemplify the perfect blend of minimalist design, leading acoustic technology and European craftsmanship. Inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy that sees art, beauty & function, not as separate pursuits, but deeply intertwined.

Expressing this philosophy authentically, however, requires a thorough re-evaluation of what technology can and should be. And so, we set out to create a more sustainable solution. The Wallpaper* Magazine Smart Space Awards recognised our audio products as 'design that does its job and makes the world a better place'.

Our audio products feature a sleek minimalist enclosure and interchangeable panels with artwork that 'satisfy intellectually with their superb graphic designs and interesting backstories' (— Minimalgoods blog). Our modular enclosure is available in two versions ― a premium wireless speaker and as an acoustic room-treatment system.

'Most Eloquent Speaker'


Simply beautiful acoustic-treatment


Bringing understated elegance to larger spaces, too




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