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Audio products serving as functional artwork

We offer wireless speakers and noise-absorption with a difference. With interchangeable artwork panels, you simply place our products like you would any piece of framed artwork, whilst experiencing exceptional Hi-Fi audio quality. Also available in a complementary acoustic treatment device, that uses the same modular enclosure, to reduce noise and to make both voices and music sound clearer.

We re-evaluated what technology can and should be, creating a more sustainable solution. And so, our products are long-lasting, can be combined for better results, are upgradable, and are made responsibly in the EU. You can even purchase new artwork panels separately, offering 'superb graphic designs', for a fresh look.

Our products are award-winning, recognised for '[finding] new ways to innovate', for its 'striking design', 'intuitive interface' and its 'sustainability ethos'.

Wallpaper* Magazine even called it 'design that... makes the world a better place'.

'Most Eloquent Speaker'


Simply beautiful acoustic-treatment


Bringing understated elegance to larger spaces, too




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