See the work inspired in part by the quote by German artist, Caspar David Friedrich, about the beauty of nature veiled in fog

Audio products serving as functional artwork

We are a Dutch audio-company offering wireless speakers and noise-absorption with a difference. Our products feature a sleek modular enclosure and interchangeable artwork panels — meaning, you simply place our devices like you would any piece of framed artwork. But then it also offers exceptional Hi-Fi audio. We also offer a complementary acoustic treatment device, that uses the same modular enclosure, but then to reduce noise and to make in-room conversations and music sound clearer.

As part of the process, we re-evaluated what technology can and should be, creating a more sustainable solution. And so, our products are long-lasting, can be combined for better results, are upgradable, and are made responsibly in the EU. You can even purchase new artwork panels separately, offering 'superb graphic designs', for a fresh look. Wallpaper* Magazine even called our products 'design that... makes the world a better place'.

'Most Eloquent Speaker'


Simply beautiful acoustic-treatment


Bringing understated elegance to larger spaces, too