Music Playlist

Does Sound-Aesthetics have a demo-playlist?

Of course! But this is much more than just a collection of demonstration tracks. We've compiled a Tidal® playlist of beautiful — and beautifully recorded — music. And, yes, these sound exceptional on our range of audio products!

You can find the link here: Sound-Aesthetics Playlist.

You can start a free Hi-Fi trial period on Tidal via this link.




Please note:

  • We are not directly affiliated with Tidal, nor do we earn any fee for this announcement.
  • We recommend Tidal music-streaming for its high-quality music files and its user-friendly interface (only). We recommend streaming in 'High' or 'Hi-Fi' quality. Note that the Tidal 'Hi-Fi Plus' setting and video (music) playback  are not currently supported by our products.
  • Sound-Aesthetics' products are compatible with Tidal, but also most other music-streaming services, which currently include: Spotify® Premium, YouTube® Music, SoundCloud®, Podbean®, Deezer®, TuneIn®, and others.
  • Should there be sufficient demand, we'll still add a playlist on other streaming providers in due time.