Shipping, Returns & Warranty

1. Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, we offer free shipping on all orders shipping to the BENELUX-area, and discounted shipping to the rest of the EU and the UK.

We currently ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. 

Contact our customer care for quotes to other areas.


2. How long will it take for the products to reach me?

Our company aims to improve sustainability by reducing waste and by discouraging a throw-away culture. We also wish to offer you a wide range of choices. We therefore offer only high-quality products that are designed and made in small batches in the EU in an ethical manner. As a result, our products may take just a few days longer to reach you.

The estimated duration from ordering until shipping to your address is as follows.


Duration (business days)


Product finished to order / assembly time

5 –   8





2 –   6





7 – 14




* We aim to meet these delivery times but during busy periods like Christmas, deliveries may take a little longer. In the unlikely event of a slight delay we will keep you informed. Product with custom artwork take longer, as indicated in the relevant product page.

3. What are the shipping rates?

You receive free courier delivery on all products shipped to an address in the BENELUX.

You receive discounted shipping for addresses located in the rest of EU and the UK, with the following prices:


 For example

To the rest of the EU

To the UK

Shipping (small package)

Additional artwork-grill only (separate)



Subsidised shipping (medium package)

One unit of S-A VOICE / S-A CALM



Subsidised shipping (large package)

Two units of S-A VOICE / S-A CALM





Subsidised shipping (very large package)

More than two units of S-A VOICE / S-A CALM




4. Will I be able to return the products if for some reason I’m not satisfied?

Yes, our returns are easy. Besides custom artwork (which was created just for you), you are entitled to a low-cost return on all other items.

If something isn’t quite right, contact our CUSTOMER CARE within 14-days of receiving the package. We'll then provide you with details for the return shipping which must be sent as soon as possible but within a further 14 days. No reason is required, but we will appreciate one in order to improve our product / service.

Returns and refunds are subject to terms and conditions. Remember that all packaging and accessories form an integral part of the product and must be included with the return. You must return products to us in as-new condition.

Take note: Upon returning the products, you are responsible for a low-cost return fee, equal to the return shipping fees (only). The return courier shipping costs are therefore for your account. These depend on your location and distance from our offices in the Netherlands, but the cost normally falls within the following price ranges:

  • Small packages (artwork only): about €5—15 per package
  • Larger packages: about €55—100 per S-A VOICE/-CALM unit

Returns by customers outside the EU is a little more complicated. Read more about this here.



    5. Do I receive a warranty with my purchase?

    Yes. We have taken great care in the design, manufacturing and packaging of our products. Your satisfaction is very important to us. You therefore receive a limited two-year warranty. Details of our Warranty Policy is available here.