BREXIT and non-EU customers

As a non-EU customer, what should I expect when ordering from Sound-Aesthetics (incl the impact of BREXIT)?

Last Update: 8 October 2021

Here's a simple breakdown of differences that apply to non-EU customers, incl the impact of BREXIT. These arrangements will be in place unless informed otherwise by us in writing.


This process is the same as for EU-customers. The price you pay on our website when ordering is your final all-inclusive purchase price (the so-called 'landed price', also known as 'Delivery Duty Paid' [DDP], which includes all relevant VAT and import charges). We’ve made the necessary arrangements to ensure there will be no additional charges to get the product to your location outside the EU. Shipping may however take a few days longer than the indicated time, due to additional border-control processes.

Returns & refunds

Unfortunately, due to administrative and cost complications, we no longer offer returns or refunds to customers located outside the EU. You will still receive support in case of technical problems (refer to our Warranty Policy).

More detail

If you need to receive your order within a certain time-frame or if you have any questions at all, get in touch via our Customer Care, and we’ll be happy to help.