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As a UK customer, what should I expect when ordering from Sound-Aesthetics after BREXIT?

Last Update: 19 January 2021

Here's a simple breakdown of matters linked to BREXIT, applying from 1 January 2021.

If you're a UK customer of Sound-Aesthetics, nothing really changes. The price you pay on our website when ordering is the final price. We've made the necessary arrangements to ensure there will be no additional charges, VAT or import costs for your account.

The only likely effect would be that your order is likely to take a few days longer than normal to arrive, due to additional border-control processes.

More detail

Following BREXIT, shipments from the EU would be subject to local (UK) VAT, rather than EU-VAT. Even though it requires extra admin from our side, we've opted to take care of all VAT and other charges, for your convenience. Our price upon checkout is a 'landed price' (also known as DDP [Delivery Duty Paid]), meaning we pay all the necessary VAT and fees via our shipping agent.

There are no import levies because under the BREXIT trade-agreement between the EU and the UK, there are no tariffs on goods shipped from Sound-Aesthetics to the UK because our products are mostly made in the EU.

If you need to receive your order within a certain time-frame or if you have any questions at all, get in touch via our Customer Care, and we’ll be happy to help.