1. Are there any external reviews and comments on the S-A VOICE?

Here's what others say:

  • ‘[One of] the best ways of bringing high-fidelity sound into your home with the ultimate levels of discretion and taste’, according to Wallpaper*Magazine (2021) [access the full article here]
  • “Sound-Aesthetics created a new concept that takes every home to the next level, both functionally and aesthetically.” / “At first glance, nothing is what is seems, but this system offers you absolutely everything!” / “[Sound-Aesthetics’ products] wouldn’t look out of place in many of the unique, high-end interiors we present in our magazine”— Imagicasa Architecture & Interiors Magazine (2020) [access the full article here]
  • “Sound personified. Truly refreshing.” — Pieter Breytenbach, Architect
  • “Subtle, clean, beautiful voices… Amazing.” — Member of the pilot-study group, a piano player
  • “Premium, audiophile sound!” — Member of the pilot-study group, hifi-fan
  • “Definitely not an average Bluetooth speaker.” — Member of the pilot-study group



2. Could you describe the sound quality of the S-A VOICE?

In addition to the comments above, we could elucidate as follows.

Most people agree that traditional hifi-systems sound good, but also that these require compromise in order to accommodate the many pieces of equipment, stands, wires and bulky loudspeakers (the latter also have to be placed away from walls for best results).

When it comes to compromises, our product is different. The S-A VOICE places all the necessary components — including a powerful amplifier, wires and high-end speaker-drivers — in a compact all-in-one package. It has also been designed to be used in positions normally used for artworks, such as on-wall or on top of a cabinet, which means no more aesthetic sacrifices for good sound. In terms of results, we can confidently say that our product matches, and in many cases surpasses, the sound quality of traditional hifi-systems in its budget class.

It offers great results on most music types, but excels at reproducing the human voice. It offers notable low-distortion within its operating volume-range. Its bass is tuneful and punchy (not boomy). Overall, it offers great results as a single unit, but is capable of even higher performance when grouped as two or more units.

Remember, you also receive a 14-day assessment period to decide. You can return it for a refund if you are unhappy in any way, in which case the product must however be in an unscathed condition and you’ll only have to pay the return shipping (refer to our POLICIES for more detail).


3. What are the technical specifications of the S-A VOICE?

Full technical specifications are available here.

As always, specifications tell only part of the story. The S-A VOICE contains premium components, but the aim was to combine these synergistically: To create a whole that is more than just the sum of its parts (or specifications).


4. What is meant by the S-A VOICE’s ‘wireless’ sound reproduction?

The S-A VOICE offers premium wireless sound. This means no wires are necessary to supply a sound-signal to the unit. (An AC-power cable is still necessary.) This enables a minimalist installation, in that the single AC-power cable can easily be hidden or built into the wall.

Wireless music streaming by most major streaming services are supported (see detail listing), using your WIFI-network and a smartphone or tablet as the remote/controller (wirelessly).

The S-A VOICE is however also equipped with RCA-connectors to allow the connection of traditional HIFI- or AV-equipment (equipped with a volume control), a legacy iPod®, or similar devices. In this case a phono cable is required (sold separately).


5. Which streaming services are supported by the S-A VOICE?

Most major sound-streaming services are currently supported. This means that, at present, the S-A VOICE can stream music on demand from Tidal® (recommended), Spotify® Premium, YouTube® Music, Podbean®, Deezer®, Soundcloud® and several other services. Note that a paid subscription may be necessary. Further note that, as with all technology, supported services are open to change.

At present, Amazon® Music, Apple® Music and iTunes® are not currently supported (an iPhone® or iPad® can still be used as the remote/controller.)


6. Which other items are needed to stream music with the S-A VOICE?

As a minimum, you will require a relatively fast WIFI-network service with sufficient data, and a smartphone or tablet (you have to pay for, or otherwise own these items). Even though free music streaming-services are available, a separate paid subscription is required for most higher quality music, such as Spotify® Premium or Tidal®.


7. What are the music-streaming limitations of the S-A VOICE?

The S-A VOICE offers high-quality sound reproduction, which ruled out the use of Bluetooth and Apple Airplay® (only WIFI-streaming is possible).

Although a large and growing number of sound streaming applications are supported (as described elsewhere in the FAQs), Apple® Music, iTunes® are not supported at present (an iPhone® or iPad® can still be used as the remote/controller.)

The streaming music file-quality would largely be dictated by the WIFI-network speed and the streaming service-provider; regardless, playback of lossless audio is limited to 96KHz/24bit.



1. How does the S-A CALM help my room’s acoustics?

The S-A CALM contains a noise absorption system, with soundwaves entering the cabinet through the interchangeable artwork-grill. What this means is that it helps to absorb noise and disturbing sound-reflections, which are prevalent in spaces with many reflective surfaces, which — unchecked — make music and speech unclear and difficult to follow.

Importantly, the S-A CALM offers broad-band noise absorption over a wide-range of sound frequencies. It therefore offers much more natural-sounding results than, for example, just placing a carpet or curtains in the room — the latter tend to absorb mainly higher frequencies (less of the mid-range and bass frequencies), which could sometimes make a room sound ‘dead’.

Note that improvement of very poor room-acoustics ─ characterised by a hollow or echoey sound quality ─ or large spaces, would require several S-A CALM units, possibly in combination with other sound-absorbing items such as carpets or couches with cloth covers. (Together, these could offer a good solution in such spaces.)

The S-A CALM can also be combined with the S-A VOICE for clearer music-reproduction.



1. Can I buy these without the enclosure (S-A VOICE or S-A CALM)?

We encourage you to buy additional artwork if you already bought the enclosure and first artwork-grill. Artwork grills are specifically designed to be used with either the S-A VOICE and S-A CALM (interchangeably) and comes with magnets for a neat fit. It is however not recommended that the artwork-grills be used on their own.


2. Is custom artwork possible?

Yes, it is.  Our Dutch Studio can work from one of your images or can create a custom image to your requirements. Note that this service involves several hours of work by a highly-skilled creative. This service is only available in limited quantities and are priced a little higher.

Refer to the dedicated product page, which could be accessed here.