About Us

Sound-Aesthetics® brings Hi-Fi sound into your home 'with the ultimate levels of discretion and taste' (—Wallpaper* Magazine).  We are an award-winning Dutch design-studio & e-store, and we design, manufacture and sell a new type of audio product.

It all started with a wish list. What if audio equipment could compliment interiors — not dominate it — and still sound great?  What if such equipment could break with the bulk and clutter inherent to the species, and instead take on the form-factor of a minimalist sculpture — one that could ostensibly float on your wall like framed artwork or simply be placed on top of a piece of furniture, and still sound its best? What if audio equipment could improve room-acoustics at the same time, thereby reducing noise and making conversations easier to follow? What if audio products could be more meaningful to its owners, by incorporating thoughtfully-integrated artwork, that is customizable?

In short, wouldn’t you want elegant audio equipment for keeping, not replacing?

Founded by designer Albert de Graaf, born in South Africa, and with a CV containing a range of titles that include (-d): photographer, industrial designer, academic, even finance professional.

Our company may have been founded only recently, but our products are the culmination of decades of contemplation, and many years of prototyping, testing and refining. We believe we’ve achieved our vision. Others seem to agree.

Respected Interiors Magazine, Imagicasa, described our products as: “… a new concept that takes every [space] to the next level, both functionally and aesthetically.” // “… a total experience.”

Leading architect, Pieter Breytenbach, described them as, “Truly refreshing”.

Wallpaper* summarised it thus: '... bringing high-fidelity and high art to your wall. Rather than hide sonic technology away, de Graaf and his team continue to curate new series of artworks, all underpinned by a solid premium speaker system.'

Over the past two years, we were fortunate in that our products have won several awards. Read more about this in the Awards-section.

We look forward to welcome you to the world of Sound-Aesthetics!

Date of Incorporation


Our offices

Located in The Hague, Netherlands. Products also ship from our warehouse based here

Business Registration Number

KVK 74531069


Our offices are situated next to an urban-forest, in The Hague — the city of peace and justice.

All our products are manufactured in Europe.