Made in Europe

Our origins

Our company may have been founded only recently, but our products are the culmination of decades of contemplation, and many years of prototyping, testing and refining. Our offices are located in The Hague — the city of peace and justice — and overlook a beautiful urban forest: a constant source of inspiration.


A unique concept in audio: all our products are designed in The Netherlands, where our studio also creates all artwork. The artworks' aesthetics and themes are an integral part of the design: we encourage you to read more about it at the individual product pages. These are created using a range of techniques, including original on-site photography in many cases.

Our IP is protected by registered designs.

Our products are made to the same standards as quality hi-fi equipment, but unlike most such equipment, are interior-friendly and have a minimalist form-factor all of their own.


Specialist manufacturing

Our company took the crucial decision to produce all of our products in Europe. We thereby manage to not only to keep a close connection with our suppliers, but to prioritize quality materials and workmanship, and to keep to limited production volumes. This makes our products more exclusive, but also helps us achieve greater sustainability. Naturally, this comes at a higher cost, but this is something our customers seem to understand — even appreciate.

Our enclosures are manufactured by a specialist high-end loudspeaker manufacturer, using only premium materials. This award-winning producer makes use of the latest specialist manufacturing tools, luxury automobile-standard paint-shop, and hand-finishes all products to the highest standards.

Artwork grills are made to order in The Netherlands, where all products are also hand-assembled and quality-checked.