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Premium WiFi Speaker


'Most Eloquent Speaker', title-winner in Wallpaper* Magazine's Smart Space Awards 2021.

Product including artwork available from € 1 690


An award-winning WiFi-speaker with a difference. With understated elegance, the S-A VOICE would more easily be described a ‘design-object’ than ‘overt technology’, yet it delivers high-end audio quality. With no need for signal-wires or floor space, you can let interior design considerations determine its placement, rather than the other way round. Simply treat it like any framed artwork: It is designed to be wall-hung or simply placed on top of a cabinet.

Designed in The Netherlands, our device features interchangeable pieces of geometric art, carved from solid materials. You can therefore change the artwork at a later stage or choose for complimentary works. It is set up for all the major streaming services and operated via your smartphone, keeping things as simple as possible. Each unit works great on its own, but can be paired up wirelessly for stereo-separation or a multi-speaker setup, for even better results. It is also designed with future upgradability in mind, to ensure a longer life.


What others say:

  • '...considered, ingenious, life-enhancing design...'; '...a celebration of undeniable beauty, striking design and intuitive function.' — Wallpaper* Magazine (2021) (access the SS-Awards article here).
  • “[One of] the best ways of bringing high-fidelity sound into your home with the ultimate levels of discretion and taste.” — Wallpaper.com (2021) (access the article here).
  • “Sound-Aesthetics created a new concept that takes every home to the next level, both functionally and aesthetically.” / “… wouldn’t look out of place in many of the unique, high-end interiors we present in our magazine”— Imagicasa Architecture Magazine [access the full article here]
  • “Sound personified. Truly refreshing.” — Pieter Breytenbach, Architect 
  • "So neat and clean" — Photographer & Visual Creator
  • "Minimalist, clean and simple, a great background to rest the mind and for accepting the emotions that flow." — Creative Director and Artist
  • "At more than 11kg the speaker is quite heavy, but it seems to float!" — 3daysofdesign 2021 visitor
  • "The speaker sounds exceptional: Electrostatic-like!" — 3daysofdesign 2021 visitor
  • "The bass response is rock-solid; voices have the sparkle of the real thing." Showroom visitor, Audiophile


Why it’s special (the long-version)

An explanation, for the technically-inclined.

Traditional loudspeakers are large and bulky, and typically have to be placed away from walls to sound their best, thereby dominating a room — visually and physically. In contrast, our fresh design offers first-class wireless-audio performance and an elegant form-factor. But, more importantly, it offers this performance from easy-to-accommodate positions on/against your wall.

Our unique and registered ‘frustum-shaped’ enclosure (a truncated pyramid but with thin side-edges) was conceived primarily to provide our devices with an aesthetically-pleasing thin ‘floating’-edge. However, when we combined this distinct shape with our special ‘low-Q closed-box’ low-frequency system, we achieved several acoustical benefits. These include:

  • A phase-coherent first wave-front for punchier and more natural bass
  • Up to 6 dB of extra headroom for lower distortion and better dynamics
  • Less excitation of room modes for a smoother in-room frequency response
  • Near elimination of standing-waves in the enclosure, thereby reducing distortion even further



Features and characteristics

True premium wireless-sound (no signal cables needed, only the supplied AC-power cable)

Complete all-in-one audio system, just add WiFi and a phone/tablet as remote

Only premium materials and high-end components used

Planned upgradability for a longer life (such as the music-streaming module)

Excellent results with one unit; even better with two or more

Greater exclusivity and a unique look

Ethical manufacturing in the EU by skilled craftsmen

Limited production

On-demand music streaming and internet radio

Compatible with Tidal®, Spotify® Premium, YouTube® Music, SoundCloud®, Podbean®, Deezer®, TuneIn®, and other services (some require a monthly subscription, and support is subject to change)

 In the box

  • 1 x enclosure in white with complete integrated audio-system (wall-mounting brackets on the back)
  • 1 x interchangeable artwork grill attached with magnets
  • Grey textile AC-cable (3m long)
  • Additional short AC-cable (optional use)
  • User guide

 You will need

  • 1 x WiFi-network
  • 1 x smartphone / tablet as remote control (iOS- or android-based)
  • 1 x streaming service or more
  • Optional: 2 x wall-mounting plugs (or simply place it on top of a cabinet leaning against a wall)
  • Optional: Use an existing wall power-plug (or have one installed) directly behind the unit for a minimal installation, showing no wires


Refer to TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for more detail