Premium Wireless Audio System


Consider our alternative:

Product including artwork available from € 1 690 (custom artwork and limited editions are priced higher)


Functional artwork, offering hifi-quality wireless sound reproduction, through on-demand music streaming and internet radio. A true premium product.

The value-proposition

Curated, functional artwork replaces the bulky, cable-tangled mess that used to be your hi-fi-system. What’s not to like?

The product and its sound

What others say:

  • “Sound-Aesthetics created a new concept that takes every home to the next level, both functionally and aesthetically.” / “At first glance, nothing is what is seems, but this system offers you absolutely everything!” / “[Sound-Aesthetics’ products] wouldn’t look out of place in many of the unique, high-end interiors we present in our magazine”— Imagicasa Architecture & Interiors Magazine [access the full article here]
  • “Sound personified. Truly refreshing.” — Pieter Breytenbach, Architect 
  • “Well-balanced, musical and refined.” — Pianist
  • “Subtle, clean, beautiful voices… Amazing.” — Academic
  • “Premium, audiophile sound!” — Hi-fi enthusiast
  • “Definitely not an average Bluetooth speaker — in build, looks or in sound.” — Member of the pilot-study group

Features and characteristics

True premium wireless sound

Complete wireless audio system, just add WIFI and a phone/tablet as remote

Only high-quality parts and materials

(H x W x D) 600 x 500 x 92mm

Excellent results with one unit; even better with two or more

Greater exclusivity and a unique look

Ethical manufacturing in the EU by skilled craftsmen

Limited production

On-demand music streaming and internet radio

Compatible with Tidal, Spotify, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Podbean, Deezer, TuneIn, any many other services

In the box

  • 1 x cabinet (white) with integrated wireless audio system and wall-mounting brackets
  • 1 x artwork grill
  • 3m-long cloth-covered AC-power cable
  • User guide

You will need

  • 1 x wifi-network and a relatively-fast internet connection
  • 1 x smartphone / tablet as remote control (iOS- or android-based)
  • 1 x streaming service or more (several are free but some require a subscription)
  • 2 x wall-mounting plugs (or just place it on top of a cabinet leaning against a wall)
  • 1 x professional installation to hide the AC-cable in-wall for a neat on-wall appearance (optional)



Refer to PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS for more detail