Installation Instructions / Placement

1. How do I set up the S-A VOICE for sound streaming?

Our products are not difficult to set up and, once this is done, it involves the minimum amount of hassle. Most of our customers have the unit(s) unboxed and playing music in less than 10 minutes. Even if you are less familiar with technology, our product is shipped with a detailed user guide, with easy to follow instructions.

You will require the following items (not included) to set up the unit for wireless music streaming:

  • 1 x wifi-network and a relatively-fast internet connection
  • 1 x smartphone / tablet as remote control (iOS- or android-based)
  • 1 x streaming service or more (several are free but some require a subscription — all are available from your app-store)

Compatible with the following services:

2. Where and how should I place the S-A VOICE™ / S-A CALM™ for best results?

Place our products wherever you think they look good; chances are they will perform great in this position, too. We specifically designed our products to function well in positions that are typically used for artworks — eg, hanging against a wall, or placed on top of a cabinet leaning against a wall. Whereas most traditional hifi speakers sound boomy in these positions, with our products you no longer have to sacrifice aesthetics or a large amount of space in order to obtain great sound.

If you want to optimise the sound-quality of the S-A VOICE, we recommend that it be placed so that the product faces the area where you will normally find yourself when listening to music, but preferably not on the floor or in a room-corner.

If your room suffers from high levels of noise and sound reflections, we recommend that you use a number of S-A CALM units and situate these closer to where the noise is generated (eg, near a seating-area on a solid, reflecting wall). If aesthetic choices allow, also consider adding more soft-furnishings, carpets and/or curtains.

Note that our products are not suited for outside use, or in moist environments such as saunas and bathrooms.