High-End Acoustic Room-Treatment System


Many of us strive for clean aesthetics in our living spaces and offices. These may be pleasing to the eye, but often suffer from sound reflections and disturbing noise, which is especially problematic now that our homes have become true multi-use spaces. Acoustic room-treatment can help with these problems, but shouldn’t compromise appearances. Enter our acoustic treatment system: appropriately called, S-A CALM.  

Product including artwork available from € 980


Designed in The Netherlands, our award-winning system features interchangeable pieces of geometric art, carved from solid materials. You can therefore change the artwork at a later stage or choose for complimentary works. The system requires no electricity, and absorbs more than 70%* of noise entering it whilst also offering some sound-diffraction, thereby reducing noise and troublesome sound reflections. Suitable for homes, offices and recording studios.

In the end, this device makes for conversations that are easier to follow, less disturbance for others, and clearer music reproduction. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Larger, more lively spaces will require several units or consider our 4x4 option (available in SHOP).

Features and characteristics

Dampens noise and sound reflections

Improves room-acoustics

Enhances speech and music intelligibility

(H x W x D) 600 x 500 x 92mm

Ethical manufacturing in the EU by skilled craftsmen

Only high-quality materials

Limited production

Greater exclusivity and a unique look

In the box

  • 1 x enclosure in white with integrated acoustic-treatment system (wall-mounting brackets on the back)
  • 1 x interchangeable artwork grill attached with magnets
  • User guide

You will need

    Optional: 2 x wall-mounting plugs (or simply place it on top of a cabinet leaning against a wall)
       * Overall noise reduction coefficient (NRC) = 0.72



      Refer to TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for more detail