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Haarlem, Netherlands – April 2020

Reframing audio products as design objects

Beautiful spaces deserve beautiful sound. Inspired by this maxim, we develop audio products that add value on both counts.

Fuelled by greater awareness and expendable income, today’s home interiors have become much more stylish and sophisticated. Unfortunately, the appearance of most audio equipment failed to keep pace. In terms of functionality and the number of brands, audio products do offer a wealth of choice — but then, within limited categories — meaning customers generally opt for either a Bluetooth-speaker (usually small, affordable and convenient soundbars, with meagre sound); or for higher-quality hi-fi equipment (typically offering decent sound quality, but more expensive, and with most needing several bulky components, speaker boxes and wires). Faced with this dilemma, many opt for the children’s book rendition of the former — or tolerate the latter.

Enter a revolutionary approach. Starting with a clean-slate, we set forth designing quality sound systems for the aesthete. Based in the Netherlands and founded by Albert de Graaf, our company spent nearly three years developing a modular system of artwork that functions as premium wireless audio-systems and noise-absorbers.

Our products’ minimal appearance is a natural fit for modern interiors, but surprisingly also complement more traditional settings by juxtaposing old and new; smooth and textured. At first glance, our sleek enclosures seem to float on a wall, or nonchalantly lean against it when placed on top of a cabinet — but their functions are not always immediately discernible. Look carefully, though, and one notices that the form actually faithfully follows the inner functions. Even the themes of the interchangeable artwork-pieces themselves weave a golden-thread back to the inner functions.

Naturally, our products were designed to work in typical artwork fashion: Passively.  Turn up the volume, however, and the sound-quality had to live up to the exterior. Special emphasis was therefore placed on proper acoustic design. We then executed this using only luxury materials and the finest components, including high-quality built-in amplifiers and specialist speaker drive-units from a manufacturer considered as one of the best in the world. Certainly, the product also had to be clutter-free, so it offers premium wireless sound, streamed directly from your favourite app (such as Tidal® or Spotify® Premium) over Wi-Fi. For simplicity, your phone serves as the remote. While a single unit is more than sufficient for most, units can be grouped into a stereo-pair or as a multi-room system. The modular product is also available in a noise-damping option, to improve the acoustics of reflective spaces, for clearer music and conversations that are easier to follow.

In these challenging times, people are not only spending much more time at home, they are questioning their priorities, in many cases changing them for the better. As part of this move, we wanted to encourage people to simplify; to rather own fewer — but then finer, high-quality — things. We therefore offer aesthetically-pleasing, all-in-one systems, which are expertly crafted in the EU from only high-quality materials and components, and made for a longer life. You’re also unlikely to encounter our product on your neighbour’s wall as they are made in limited production runs, thereby ensuring greater exclusivity. At heart, we offer poetry to hi-fi’s prose.

This collection of high-performing audio products will be available in the European summer from our online store – Please visit this site for more information.

Tradename: Sound‒Aesthetics®
Instagram: @sound.aesthetics
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Headquartered: Haarlem, Netherlands
Date: 20 April 2020
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