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It's hard to imagine that it's been almost a year since we received recognition in Wallpaper* Magazine's Smart Space Awards (2021), winning the prize for the 'Most Eloquent Speaker'.

To a small design-company like us it was a momentous occasion; one shared alongside industry stalwarts no less, including furniture brand, Herman Miller®; the lighting brand, Tobias Grau®; and Samsung Electronics®.  

We thought a recap worthwhile because this year's call-to-entry again highlighted the scope of the achievement, and the high ambitions of these awards.

Says Wallpaper*:

Good design, forward-thinking innovation, and effortless style is nothing without sustainability, quality, and longevity. A space isn’t so smart if it’s just a holding room for an endless parade of constantly updated objects. Last year’s winners rose to our challenge of seeking out ideas that inspire and products that last, banishing planned obsolescence and the infinite upgrade path.

A Wallpaper* Smart Space Award is more than just an industry accolade; it’s a seal of approval for design that does its job and makes the world a better place.

(1 August 2022).


As previous winners, we strongly encourage start-up brands to enter these prestigious awards. Entries are open until 8 August 2022, accessible via this link. Last year's winners were announced on Wallpaper.com and were published in the November 2021 print-issue.

An extract of the '22 call appears below, courtesy the magazine.










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