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A5: Silent Fog (4x4)

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Premium Wifi-speakers | Acoustic room-treatment | Interchangeable Artwork

"Silent Fog" 

Fog. Considered a low-lying cloud, it is made of tiny suspended droplets of water. We’ve all experienced it. Besides obscuring our vision, it actually dampens sound (more so at higher frequencies, which is why a foghorn, for example, has a very low pitch to help its sound travel farther). Fog affects our activities and has therefore been associated with words such as ‘danger’, ‘warning’ and ‘blinding’. But then, it has also been called ‘spooky’, ‘photogenic’ and ‘mysterious’…


Artwork by our Dutch studio (© 2019). 

Make a bigger impression — visually and acoustically. Designed in The Netherlands and skilfully made in the EU, this configuration complements larger spaces and totals 120cm in height. It is made to be wall hung. Utilising four modular enclosures placed together, this is our ultimate solution, configurable for first-rate wireless audio and/or various-levels of acoustic treatment for larger rooms.

The four interchangeable artwork-grills read as one continuous image: openings are carved from solid material — a bit like sculpture — to create a monolithic grill that simultaneously lets through sound as it blocks out light to form a black-and-white image.

The product is configured using modular components: Our premium WiFi Speaker (S-A VOICE) and/or our acoustic room-treatment system (S-A CALM)

The following configurations are possible

  • Four units of the S-A CALM mounted together, for good absorption of noise and sound-reflections, offering improved room acoustics
  • Three units of the S-A VOICE with one unit of the S-A CALM mounted together, offering a premium WiFi speaker system with acoustic treatment, for crystal-clear music reproduction
  • Two units of the S-A CALM with two units of the S-A VOICE mounted together, offering a high-end WiFi speaker system with realistic stereo separation, and acoustic treatment for clearer music reproduction


In the box

  • 4 x cabinets (white) with integrated wireless audio system and/or noise damping (according to the selected option) and wall-mounting brackets
  • 4 x artwork grills (together comprising the continuous image)
  • Suitable long and short AC-power cables for a neat installation (for options incorporating the S-A VOICE)

Technical specifications of each of the modular units are available here.




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