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A4: Building Blocks (Antwerp)

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Functional Artwork | Carefully considered | Tastefully executed 

"Building Blocks (Antwerp)"

This work is based on the idea of ‘aimai’, a Japanese word describing — in a positive light — those things that are somewhat vague or ambiguous. This idea is expressed also in the way it is observed when it is placed in a room. Paradoxically, there is a special viewing distance where our image becomes clearer as one moves away from it, before it again becomes more indistinct. With this work, we celebrate the connection between architecture and sound, and pay homage to the interesting architecture of the MAS-building. Designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects, the MAS is ‘the museum by the stream’ and is located next to the Scheldt river in the beautiful city of Antwerp, Belgium. This building literally rose like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes, for in 2006 it was erected on the same spot where a 19th-century warehouse had burnt down many years before. Even its contemporary form was inspired by the former warehouse, with its many stacked spaces — building blocks, if you will. Sound can sometimes work in the same way; a beautiful melody is made up from a series of notes, which in some obscure way, creates a result that is much more than the sum of its parts.

Artwork produced by our Dutch studio (© 2019), using own on-site photographs captured in Antwerp as reference and inspiration.

The artwork-grill is manufactured using a special process whereby the image is cut into the material to directly enable sound-transmission.  All grills are interchangeable and fit our elegant modular cabinet*, which features a function that can be heard but with its workings remaining unseen: wireless sound or noise damping.

Premium Wireless Sound

With its all-in-one wireless audio system featuring high-end speaker drivers and 100W of amplifier power, the S-A VOICE™ offers sound quality bettering many traditional hifi-systems. Spend a lazy afternoon listing to a podcast or internet radio in the background or, turn it up, and revel in your favourite music album (again) — all served up wirelessly. Designed in our Dutch Studio and skilfully made in the EU.

Beautiful when on | Beautiful when off

In the box: 

  • 1 x cabinet (white) with integrated wireless audio system and wall-mounting brackets
  • 1 x artwork grill
  • 3m-long cloth-covered AC-power cable
  • User guide

Buy additional artwork to alternate the look. Combine two or more S-A VOICE units for (true-wide) stereo or multi-room sound reproduction. Combine with one or more S-A CALM units in reflective spaces.

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Noise Damping

Even the most beautiful room can suffer from poor acoustics. That is why our S-A CALM™ product features an integrated noise-damping system, which suppresses noise and sound reflections within a room, to help make speech clearer and music sound better.

Improve the aesthetics | Improve the experience  

In the box: 

  • 1 x cabinet (white) with integrated noise damping system (no electricity needed) and wall-mounting brackets
  • 1 x artwork grill
  • User guide

Detailed Product Description

Product Specifications



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